L&Q informal lease extension process

This process extends your current lease by 90 years and should take ~6 months. It does not involve any transfer of freehold. The costs described are based on 100% ownership (i.e. fully staircased) and are only indicative - the final fee will depend on various factors. You should seek advice before deciding whether to pursue an informal extension. See Lease extensions explained on the L&Q site for more information.

  1. Request a Lease Extension Valuation Request Form from leaseextension@lqgroup.org.uk
  2. Return completed form, selecting a surveyor. L&Q should already have a copy of your lease, but it is worth confirming at this stage.
  3. Schedule valuation with surveyor
  4. Pay admin fee to L&Q (£255)
  5. Pay valuation fee to surveyor (£420)
  6. Receive valuation and offer letter from L&Q. The offer is valid for 6 months. Unless you pay ground rent you should ensure that it is excluded from the calculation of the cost of the extension.
  7. Visit an L&Q office to verify your identity. This can be done at any stage prior to completion.
  8. Appoint a solicitor, paying advance (£160, variable) and providing valuation and offer letter
  9. Return completed Lease Extension Acceptance Form to L&Q with details of your solicitor
  10. Pay L&Q’s solicitor’s fees via your solicitor (£640, variable)
  11. Pay lease extension fee and other associated costs via your solicitor (£6,120, variable)
  12. Await confirmation from L&Q and (eventually) a copy of the updated lease from your solicitor

Total (depending on the valuation of your flat and your solicitor’s fees): £7,595